Christmas in Paris

Last time I wrote about Christmas, I guess it was a long time ago … it sounds like every year is different as I spent this gorgeous celebration at different places : at the chalet, at the family cottage, in London, in Canada… but now, I just wanted to express with you about experiencing Paris.

I know it sounds such ironic while you compare to the current events (strikes, transportation issues…) but trust me, usually, spending time in the « Ville- Lumière » is very magical.

Here are few advice I recommend for making your experience more than magical…memorable ! First and foremost, avoid the Parisian everyday life with the metro, RER and the touristic side (lines for Eiffel tower)… Come with the same original spirit than Paris : C-H-I-C.

Enjoy the Christmas Lights

Paris is well-decorated especially in the main avenues such as Champs Elysées. You should definetely have a walk over there and enjoy the frenetic atmosphere of the city. The best is always to see the shining Eiffel Tower which shines in the night.

Walk aroung the best avenues and see the gorgeous Maisons de Couture

Every year, the most desirable avenues such as Avenue Montaigne or Place Vendôme are well decorated.

Place Vendôme

The reason is because most of these neighborhoods are hosting the most prestigious Maisons de couture such as Dior, Nina Richie, Chanel and the most luxurious palaces as Plaza Athénée, Georges V.

They Vie to outdo each other in creativity. for decorating their walls such as Dior.

Have a gorgeous food

What a best place on Earth for having a delicious meal. Them, plenty of options are offered to the Gourmet you are ! However, if you are more into sweets or parisian coffees you can find many options on Ile de la Cité, without forgetting having delicious macarons from La Durée.

Enjoy the « vitrines » and make your shopping

You love shopping, then Paris is for you! With tones of mall, luxury shops and more generic brands from all over the world, you may find many options for delighting your Christmas gifts.

However, if you just want to enjoy the magic, you can just walk around the Boulevard Haussmann and see the vitrines from Printemps and others shops.

Vitrine from Chopard Jewelry

Every year, Printemps has probably the best fairytale vitrines of all Paris. Just stop along the way and get enchanted !

Few addresses I love :
Galeries Lafayette
Kusmi Tea Shops
Sens Unique Parfums
Passage du Havre

Finish in apotheosis by the Galeries Lafayette

Here is the best ever to appreciate Christmas Magic in Paris ! Every year the Galeries Lafayette are creating the best atmosphere with an exceptional Christmas tree. On the 5th floor, you can find all the magic with all the decorations and on the rooftop, the best view of Paris.

Ice-skating on the bigest « patinoire » at Grand Palais or on the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette

This is one of the most stunning attractions in Paris ! Actually there are two gorgeous spots you can try which are

The biggest Ice Rink in Grand Palais and the ice rink on the rooftop in Galeries Lafayette.

Prices and times at Galeries Lafayette

  • 9.30am-8.30pm (Free)

Prices and times at Grand Palais. 

Open 13 December 2019 to 8 January 2020

  • 10am–1.30pm (€17)
  • 2pm–7pm (€25)

More ideas here

Others ideas I haven’t try but I am definitely into discovering with you.

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